Acknowledge Your Emotions This Festive Period

Acknowledge Your Emotions This Festive Period

The festive period holds varying levels of significance for each of us. For some of us, it’s a great time of merrymaking but for others, it brings on an overflowing of emotions. Whether you are happy, indifferent or ‘not so happy’, your emotions are valid.

I love being happy and I consider myself a very optimistic person; however, optimism can bring forth unrealistic expectations as it relates to our emotional response(s) to the festive season . Being perpetually happy can do more harm than good. I remember one festive period, 2017 to be exact, when I was pregnant and extremely sad. The festive period came by and went without me. I was so busy just surviving.

So today, I am here to assure you that it’s okay not to feel ultra merry during the festive period. I implore you to tune into your emotions and try to find the cause (trigger) of your low or ‘not so positive mood(s)’. Acknowledge your emotion(s)! Your holistic wellbeing is paramount and you should not feel pressured into committing to activities that are detrimental to your overall wellness. Here are some considerations for you:

Festive Events: You don't have to go to festive parties or larger gatherings (if such events are not for you, please don’t go just because you are invited or it’s expected).

Spending: Shopping till you drop, go broke or incur unnecessary expenses are avoidable (if it’s not within your plan or budget, then don’t buy it).

Family Gatherings: Attending family events are not always best based on your emotional state. If they are likely to cause anxiety, stress or trigger you, alternative socialisation should be considered.

Finally, focus on what works for you during this festive period, and don’t be afraid to say no, take a break, or seek professional help.

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