Stay Calm and Shop Sensibly This Festive Season

Stay Calm and Shop Sensibly This Festive Season

A Charming Hello,

Here’s hoping you are well. The festive period is fast approaching. It’s the time of year that we tend to spend more buying gifts and other festive trappings. Having a clear plan, budgeting and shopping early can help ease unnecessary stress.

Feeling overwhelmed during the festive period is more likely to happen if you ignore planning adequately .You may have the money, but don’t know exactly what to gift or you may have a meagre or tight budget. Don’t sweat it, there are many ways to navigate gifting this festive period and beyond.

At Charms & Tings, we are always on hand to help you shop wisely and with little or no stress. Here are three ways you can make shopping easier:

Budgeting- Festive Periods and Special Occasions always come around so it’s wise to have a budget specifically for this. That takes the stress out of having to set aside money at the appointed time.

Giving Gift Cards are always great as they allow the recipient to buy exactly what he or she wants. You can choose between digital and physical gift cards , but always consider what the recipient would prefer.

Personalised Gifts- Most people like personalised gifts as they are specifically for them. They are more sentimental. Always plan and take the lead time into consideration before purchasing personalised gifts.

OVERALL, it’s always better to start shopping early to avoid disappointment(s) and allow enough time for your orders to delivered. Ensure that you have a clear plan and always try to stick to it. It will save you time and money.

Happy gifting!

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Some Charming Tips. Thank You Charm and Tings❤️😊

Hayli Love

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